These are a few of my favorite things…

Spring is coming and like any gardener, I have my favorite tools that I use on a regular basis. In my job (and at home) I use all kinds of tools. I’m sharing with you some of my very favorite things, things that really I couldn’t live without! – All garden related of course. Disclaimer: These are all my own thoughts and views.

DeWit Potting Trowel – Hands down my favorite potting tool ever! It has a perfectly curved blade for potting your favorite plants without spilling soil everywhere. I use many DeWit tools on a regular basis and all of them are super but as a container gardening enthusiast, I don’t go anywhere without this tool. Check out DeWit Garden Tools at and don’t forget to follow their awesome feeds for endless gorgeous photos and information at:
Instagram: @dewitgardentools AND @sietsedewit
Twitter: @dewitgardentool

Atlas Nitrile Touch Glove / Mud Glove – Gloves are always a gardeners best friend and these are no exception. I’m not a huge fan of gloves in general, but as a gardener we all know there are times you just need them and can’t go without! I love these gloves because they aren’t bulky and I can actually FEEL what I’m doing with my hands. They are light weight and breathable, and the rubber fingers can really grab. Mud Glove is also a fantastic glove which is similar to Atlas. I have a number of these in my glove repertoire as well. Check their styles out at

Joyce Chen Scissors – Whether I’m simply dead-heading plants or giving them a full on hair cut, my Joyce Chen’s are always around to do the job. This is another tool that I have multiples of in every location of my life. I literally use these things for EVERYTHING!

Felco Pruners – These pruners rock! Light yet sturdy, these guys cut through all my tough stuff in the garden. Parts can be purchased separately and be replaced…and there’s also a lifetime guarantee! I have always used the Felco 2 (which says they are made for large hands but my little hands do just fine with these). Check out their website to see which ones are right for you.

TubTrug – I pretty much don’t go anywhere without a trug in tow. I use these most often as a portable compost bin. They make it so easy to drag around while dead heading and repotting plants and dumping remains in the compost pile. I use these regularly both at work and at home. Trugs come in various sizes and colors – see which ones you like best at

Touch ‘N Flow Pro Watering Wand by Dramm – My favorite way to water is with a watering wand. I use a few different “models” of the Dramm watering wand – some are like this with the one touch lever, and others have a switch valve to control the strength of water that comes out of the head. What I love about these watering wands is that there is a constant flow of showering water that doesn’t break or beat up my plants. You can see all Dramm products at their website

So, I’ve shared with you some of my favorite things for when I’m out in the garden. What is your favorite garden tool or product and why?

PS – Don’t forget to support your local independent garden center where you should be able to find all of these products to gear up for spring!!