Spring is here…or is it?

Wow!  What a spring…or late winter!?  Just when I thought I’d seen it all, this spring has surprised me again!  So unpredictable, this Northern Virginia weather.

I’m curious, with all of this late snow this year and consistently low temperatures, did you do an early spring garden this year?  Of course I couldn’t resist!  I absolutely LOVE cool season annuals.  Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re gonna say – cool season annuals don’t last very long…BUT they pack a huge punch for an early pop of spring color!  And what else are you gonna do to put out some spring color and get your hands dirty after a long winter?!

I didn’t go crazy this year but I did do up some pots for my new front stoop (thanks to a certain talented handy man I know, we now have a beautiful new front stoop and walkway!!).  While I potted my pots way back in mid-March, and at times had to scoot them into the garage because it was just too stinkin’ cold, my house has been the most colorful one on the block!  My veggie garden (below) on the other hand got planted a few weeks later.

Thanks to all the late weather we couldn’t finish the front walk as early as we wanted to.  And in case you missed my “Front Yard Veggie Gardening” post from last summer…I do my veggie gardening in the front yard right next to my front walk!  I have to – my back yard is too shady for that stuff.  So we were a little later than I wanted to get those veggies in but we’ll see how it goes!

Does anyone else have a favorite lettuce? Mine is this cool & tasty heirloom called Flashy Trout Back. They had me at flashy!

Here are just SOME of my favorite spring bloomers:

A beautiful bright orange Ranunculus.

I seriously can’t get enough of these gorgeous colors!

I absolutely ADORE Anemone!!! Especially the doubles!

Senetti, or Pericallis, has lovely daisy-like blooms.

Stock is a great one to add some height to a container or the garden…and it smells sooooo good! This one is called ‘Hot Cakes Mix’.

Here’s what I put together for the front porch this year:

Yellow Ranunculus (the most gorgeous I’ve seen – my grower did such a great job, he
truly knocked my socks off with these!), Stock ‘Hot Cakes Mix’ (fragrant), Nemesia ‘Angelart Raspberry’,
Alyssum ‘Clear Crystal White’ (fragrant)

This is what I call my “Antique Pot” this year. It includes Pansy ‘Imperial Antique Shades’,
Antique Ranunculus, Erysimum ‘Poem Lavender’, Nemesia ‘Angelart Almond’

A shot of the group. In the small square pot is Hellebore ‘Penny’s Pink’,
Erysimum canaries, Dianthus sunflor ‘Olivia’, Viola ‘Angel Tiger Eye’,
Alyssum ‘Clear Crystal White’ (fragrant)

Orange Ranunculus, Ranunculus ‘Bloomingdale Mix’,
Primrose ‘Hethor Giant Yellow’ (fragrant), Primrose ‘Hethor Giant Orange’ (fragrant),
Senetti, Pansy (variety unknown)

Anemone ‘Pandora’ Double Fuchsia, Anemone ‘Galilee Mix’,
Snapdragon ‘Snapshot Yellow’, Alyssum ‘Clear Crystal White’ (fragrant)

Tell me how you celebrated the arrival of spring. Please feel free to leave comment here or share a pic on my Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/Petalpushin or on Instagram and tag me @Petalpushin. Looking forward to checking out your spring color creations!!!


7 thoughts on “Spring is here…or is it?

  1. I wish I had planted and potted cold-weather annuals this year. This is probably the one year that they would’ve looked great. Usually it gets warm too fast to even bother. Your pots are so pretty. I planted lots of cold weather vegetables, but have had very little come up, because it’s been actually too cold. I think everything is just waiting to burst forth with a vengeance when it finally warms up enough. Gardening is always an adventure.

    • I agree, an adventure indeed! My cool season veggies are still doing well despite the warmer weather we have finally had this week! And most of my cool season annuals are still going strong…except the ranunculus I took out last weekend. Did you start your veggies from seed? I planted starts from the nursery this year – not enough room in my basement to start seeds!! Good luck with your summer plantings!!!

  2. I adore the pictures and that you include many in each of your posts. Your container plantings are gorgeous! What vegetables did you plant?

    • Thanks Sharon!! I did a number of lettuces, Brussel Sprouts, Kale, Mustard Greens, Onions, Radishes and a few others. I was never able to get the Broccoli or Cabbage in the ground soon enough…nor did I really have the space;-) Are you growing veggies this spring?

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  4. I did nothing this year! 🙂 I put a few broccoli seedlings and some onion starts out. I did peas, spinach and onion from seed and got nothing. I think it was too cold and they prob rotted. No annuals, lettuce or even mustard greens!! I don’t know what happened but I’m just going to move on to summer veg at this point!

    • Hey there!! I was definitely late getting my stuff in – mostly because of the walkway – but even if it were ready I’m not sure I would have done my veggies anyways because it was so darn cold! Veggies are still going strong and I haven’t even gotten any summer veggies yet. Maybe a late year for those in my garden this year too! Hope the garden is coming along well so far!!

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