Who were your top performers?

I’m STILL in the process of refreshing my containers and gearing up for fall…you know, getting rid of stuff that was looking straggly and rough and replacing them with some fresh beauties.  There were a number of containers I was so impressed with this year…and of course a few that I wasn’t.  Each year I grow a selection of plants that I know and love.  I also trial a number of plants that either I haven’t grown at all or I pick different varieties of a plant that I’m already familiar with…or of course trying out what’s new for the year.

This year there were about five containers that I absolutely fell in love with and hope to recreate again next year. It’s funny because often times when I put together an awesome combo it’s because I really need to declutter my driveway of all the miscellaneous plants I’ve collected and HAVE to do something with!  Maybe it’s the pressure that does it!

Anyways, these are my top five favorite combos for summer 2013:

Begonia Big Red (Green Leaf), Coleus Kong Salmon Pink, Alternanthera Little Ruby (definitely one of my new fave plants of all time!).  This is a great shade/part sun combo.

Browallia Endless Flirtation (2), Bacopa Snowstorm Blue (2), Plectranthus Mona Lavender (2) (another one of my absolute favorite plants), Summer Wave Torenia Large Silver, Alternanthera Little Ruby.  Another great combo for shade/part sun.

Kimberly Queen Fern, Strobilanthus oliganthus ‘Alba’, Skyflower Yellow, Agastache Deluxe Acapulco Dark Blue.  Sun Lover.

Manihot Esculenta Variegata (another one of my faves, and severely under used), Stained Glass Works Coleus Burgundy Wedding Train, Purslane Rio Scarlet.  Sun loving.

And last but not least, my #1 Fave of the year: Sky Flower Tala Blanco ‘Gold Edge’ (2) (a totally under used annual that I’m in love with), Torenia Moon White, Agastache Deluxe Acapulco Pink, Kent Beauty Oregano (Love), Geranium Mrs. Pollock, Petunia Suncatcher Vintage Rose, Coleus ??? – I’m not sure of the variety on this one!!!.  Sun lover.

So these are the combos I loved so much this year and I’m sure you will too if you try ’em. What combos made YOU feel like a potting genius this year?

7 thoughts on “Who were your top performers?

  1. Just wanted you to know, PP, that last weekend I cleaned up some unruly perennials and put in some tidy cool weather annuals. I’m not sure what’s going to end up there next spring but I might be tempted by the whiz-bang of color and texture you’ve just shown me!

    • Ooooh! I’m so excited! We’ll have many of these cool season fall flowers again in the spring…with the exception of the Celosia Intenz – that one’s only in the fall. And then of course some of these warm season performers once it gets a bit warmer! I’m already looking forward to it!

  2. Coleus Burgundy Wedding Train is a super trippy fractal looking thing, I love it!

    My summer dependables are always always always Lantana and Euphorbia ‘Diamond Frost’. I have to have them!

    My go to plants for the fall are Chilli Chilli and Black Pearl peppers with violas and Mustard Greens. The smaller flowers on the violas seem to be more profuse than the few bigger flowers on pansies. This year I added in a soft orange Calibrichoa for a purple/orange scheme.

    • That sounds awesome! Can you share some pics? And yes, I agree with your viola observation – smaller flowers but definitely more profuse of a bloomer. Love hearing about your garden!

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